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I wanted to make a print that honored the hardworking generations that fought for the privileges I have today.  “The Original Fighting Irish” is a tribute to the brave and the tough that formed an American tradition of perseverance.  I have a small percent of Irish ancestry, which I deeply respect, but to me, “Fighting Irish” is an ethic more than an ethnicity.  I come from a line of Ohio farmers and Indiana factory workers.  It was their willingness to grind towards the American dream that has flooded my life with opportunity.  One of those was to be a student-athlete at the University of Notre Dame.

Artists’ Great Grandparents Grener


Great Grandparents Weber

One of the things I value most about my experience at Notre Dame was that I learned the value of gut wrenching hard work, the true essence of teamwork, and the tremendous power of tradition.  As a team we practiced in the rain, sleet, and snow.  We ran sprints until I became sick to my stomach.  We worked at 6 am and we worked at 11pm.  We wore our colors with great pride and, win or lose, we fought.

I think the idea for this print probably crystalized at the Notre Dame vs. Navy Football game of 2007.    Afterwards, in the rain, both teams honored each other’s alma matters in opposite corners of the stadium still packed with loyal supporters.  The values displayed by these proud institutions extend far beyond that  game, that stadium, that sport.  It made me think of the generations of people who built those values and chose courage over comfort, and valor over convenience.  I wanted to make this print as a tribute to the thousands of Irish faithful and the generations of Americans who gave spirit to the name “Fighting Irish.”  It is my hope that these prints will hang in the homes of people who share these values and create a painted horizon of Fighting Irish across the country.



by Revere La Noue ND ‘99